My HTC One – Day 2

The morning after I received my HTC One. I entered the elevator in our office building. First thing that happened:

9 am

Hey, is that an HTC One?
Me: Yes
Do you like it?
Me: Absolutely. It’s amazing!
And the gap problem. I haven’t seen any gap on your HTC One.
Me: I heard they fixed it and only a small percentage was affected early after the release.
Hey thanks. I will buy it.

Great way to start the morning and makes me smile. 😉

Lunch break

We had pasta together in our cafeteria. One of my colleagues grabbed my HTC One from the table. A few moments later: “Oh I believe I just took 20 photos of you.” 😉
Another colleague wanted to see (hear) the HTC Boomsound feature. It’s an amazing feature, but the atmosphere in our cafeteria was a bit too noisy.
I showed it later to another colleague on the way back to our office.


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