My HTC One – Day 3 – Blinkfeed

Today I decided to setup HTC Blinkfeed.

I added my Twitter and more news topics to my already setup accounts (Facebook/Flickr).

HTC One - Blinkfeed

HTC One – Blinkfeed


HTC Blinkfeed is an amazing new feature, currently exclusive to the HTC One.

It replaces the standard home screen with a scrollable stream of information. HTC Blinkfeed merges recent news, latest posts from social media websites (Facebook, Twitter,…) with pictures from Flickr and calendar events.

I configured it to only update when connected to a WiFi or whenever I want to refresh it manually. I changed it to my second home screen, which means it’s only a swipe to the left away.

By the way. HTC Blinkfeed also displays upcoming TV shows, after you configured the TV feature in your HTC One.




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