My HTC One – Day 5 – Battery life

It’s Saturday and day 5 of my HTC One Diary.

Saturday is usually the day when I go buying groceries for the coming week, enjoy walking and a hour of playing Ingress.

HTC One - battery life

HTC One – battery life

During this 3 hour “run” I listen to music on Spotify via my bluetooth stereo headset.

To say it with technical terms: GPS and Bluetooth is continuously enabled, higher 3G data usage and longer screen-on time. All this usually consumes a lot of battery.

With my previous smartphones the battery was pretty much always down to 20% after 3 hours. With the HTC One on the other hand, I still have about 60-70% when I completed this “run”.

On an average week day (Monday to Friday), I usually use less GPS, but I have a higher refresh intervals for both emails and Blinkfeed.

I don’t understand why people don’t want to buy the HTC One, just because it has no exchangeable battery.
Have a look at the screenshot. After a usual week day I still have 71% battery left. My HTC One has an amazing battery life!

My usage profile:

  • Two email inboxes refresh every 30 minutes
  • Gmail live push
  • Weather refreshes every 60 minutes
  • Moderate social apps usage (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Blinkfeed refreshes several times a day


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