Hands-on with the HTC One – HTC Event

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So, here is the brand new HTC One. Today, I’ve got the opportunity to get hands-on the latest flagship by HTC. They invited me and a bunch of press people to a special event at the BMW World museum/event area in Munich, Germany.


HTC One Silver

HTC One Silver

HTC starts a new era in smartphone body design with the HTC One. HTC calls it the first full-metal smartphone with an aluminium unibody.

It has an amazing grip and feels like a premium smartphone in your hand. Only the silver version was presented tonight. HTC will also offer an black version of the HTC One.

Integrated into the body is a stunning 4.7″ inches full HD display with 468 ppi.


In this area HTC also begins a revolution. Instead following the other companies who are pushing the megapixels to 13 MP, HTC decided to reduce the camera resolution to 4 Megapixels.
“What?!” you may think. But HTC also increased the sensor size and added so-called “ultra pixels”. According to HTC the new camera captures 300% more light than the camera of their competitors.
In theory, this should result in higher image quality, more dynamic range and less image noise. The camera also has autofocus, LED flash, smile and face detection, geotagging, f/2.0 lens, optical image stabilization, ImageChip 2 for HDR and 1080p video capture @30fps with stereo sound and video stabilization. I took a few snapshots during the event, and indeed the pictures have less noise than my other smartphones.

HTC event - Munich, 25th Feb. 2013

HTC event – Munich, 25th Feb. 2013


When you see the new HTC gallery app you will think: This is like the news papers from Harry Potter. HTC added a new camera mode called “HTC Zoe” to their camera.

When shooting in Zoe mode the camera will not only take one photo, but a series of photos and a video at the same time. Your phone will use this photos to make your gallery come alive. You can also edit these automatically created video clips before sharing them on Facebook or with HTC zoe share.


Even the home screen gets an amazing upgrade. HTC blinkFeed aggregates all your scial network, calendar evens and news sources right on your homescreen. When you unlock your HTC One, it automaticlly updates you with the latest news, social media updates and upcoming appointments from your calendar. HTC has partnered with more than 1500 content providers so far.

Sense TV

Thanks to HTC Sense TV you’ll only need one device for all your home entertainment equipment. Sense TV allows you to control all devices thanks to the integrated IR sender. A touch on the movie cover of the integrated EPG and your TV and home theater system will turn on and switch to the right channel.

Connectivity / Travellers

As a traveller, it is important to me, that my smartphone works globally. The good news is the European variant has WCDMA/HSPA (3G) support for 900, 1900, 2100 Mhz. This means, 3G works in Europe, Asia and Australia. Also the HTC One supports LTE bands 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz. This means the HTC One (EU edition) works on LTE networks in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

The following networks should be supported specs-wise by the European version of the HTC One.


  • Optus – 3G (900/2100)
  • Vodafone – 3G (900/2100)

New Zealand:

  • Vodafone – 3G (2100/900)


  • Singtel – 3G/LTE (2100/1800/2600)
  • M1 – 3G/LTE (2100/1800/2600)
  • StarHub – 3G (2100/1800)

Click here for more details and countries (look for 800/1800/2600)


HTC’s latest flagship has it all. Okay, mostly. It has a huge 4.7″ full HD display with 468ppi, an amazing UltraPixels camera, Quad-core processor, 32 GB internal storage, tri band HSPA, tri-band LTE and an amazing aluminium unibody. What else can you ask for? I will do a more detailed review of the camera as soon I receive the package from Amazon.

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Insider-Tip: Putty private key in Android ConnectBot

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For business reasons I often have to access our servers via SSH – even when on the road / in the sky

There’s a pretty good SSH client for Android, known as “ConnectBot” (free). This client does not support private key files, that are created with PuttyGen.
But there’s a solution for this.

To connect ConnectBot to SSH-Server, that require private key authentification, convert the private key file to an OpenSSH Key.
PuttyGen can do this for you!

This is the way:


  1. Load private key file via[File] -> [Load Private Key] (*.ppk)
  2. Enter passphrase, if required
  3. Click [Conversions] -> [Export OpenSSH key] and save the file



On your Android Phone or Tablet, you have to do the following steps in ConnectBot:

  1. Open menu and select entry [Manage Pubkeys]
  2. Select menu entry [Import]
  3. Load the just created OpenSSH key file from the sd card or internal memory
  4. Click on the lock icon to unlock the key
  5. Enter your password, if required

Now you’re able to connect to SSH-servers, that require private/public key based login.


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