HTC One M8 – Summer review

July 10th, 2014 Keine Kommentare

Last summer I reviewed the amazing HTC One (m7).

This year I had the opportunity to get the HTC One (M8) on launch day (March 25th).

Since then the HTC One M8 got my primary smartphone.

HTC One M8 - Design

HTC One M8 – Design

I’ve been a long time HTC user and I have to tell you: This is The smartphone I’ve been most satisfied with. I actually said the same last year about the M7, but it’s true. HTC improved somethings I really looked forward to. For me, as a global traveller and geek, global network support is important.
HTC improved that by adding Quadband 3G support to the M8. Huge thumbs up!
The screen is as amazing as last year, but it’s slightly bigger (5″ vs. 4.7″) and kept its Crisp and clear picture quality.

The Ultrapixel camera from 2013 also made it to this years top model, but also added a second back camera to measure the depth. This allows the camera app to add some interesting effects, even in post-production.

The extraordinary battery life from the HTC One M7 also got improved. I still get 2 days out of the battery, while regularly syncing emails and feeds, but the gaming performance got a major step up, even in energy saving mode.

I especially like the HTC BoomSound speakers. They are crisp , loud and clear like its predecessor. They really set the standard of sound quality for the smartphone industry.

HTC put all this features into a new unibody design, which has more round edges (compare to the M7) and uses even more aluminium. They also updated their famous Android UI. HTC Sense 6 is now the base. It’s even faster and cleaner than its predecessor. BlinkFeed, the mail app and many other menus got updated and simplified.

After 3 month of using it. Do I still like it? Absolutely. It’s one of the best smartphone I’ve seen so far, it has an amazing battery life and an awesome camera.


HTCOne M8 - Music Player

HTCOne M8 – Music Player


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My HTC One – One month – Review

June 25th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

It’s been over an month since I received my HTC One.

Do I still like it? Can I recommend it? I’ve received many questions.

HTC One - Design

HTC One – Design

I think it’s time to write a small review about it.

I’ve been a long time HTC user and I have to tell you: This is The smartphone I’ve been most satisfied with.
An amazing screen, awesome camera, top reception (my first smartphone with reception in the elevator) and extraordinary battery life. I get 2 days out of the battery, while regularly syncing emails and feeds. A perfect smartphone for Ingress players πŸ˜‰ I especially like the HTC BoomSound speakers. They really set the standard of sound quality for the smartphone industry. Crisp and loud sound.

Do I still like it? Absolutely. It’s the most beautiful smartphone I’ve seen so far, it has an amazing battery life and an awesome camera.

Read my “HTC One Diary” to learn more about the features and innovations HTC has put into this amazing smartphone.


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My HTC One – Day 20 – Sense TV

June 9th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

As one of the first, HTC reintroduced the IR blaster in phones in 2013. The HTC One features an hidden IR blaster behind the power button.

In combination with HTC Sense TV this gives you the opportunity to control your TV and Home theater system with your smartphone.

Sense TV features an EPG with photos of upcoming shows and movies for your personal channel listing. There’s one thing I don’t like about it, at the time of writing it is not possible to configure your channel listing manually. You have to use a preset. According to some blogs, this will change with the upcoming update to Android 4.2.2. You can add your favourite TV shows to a reminder list and both the calendar and HTC Blinkfeed will remind you when the program begins.

Why the IR blaster a very humorous feature is, can be seen in the video below. It was made by an HTC One owner in Malaysia:


Web links:


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My HTC One – Day 6 – Design

May 26th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

It’s almost a week since I received my HTC One. Hence it’s time to reflect on the design of this amazing smartphone.

HTC One - Design

HTC One – Design

This smartphone is build with an (okay almost) all-metal body.

I have had several HTC smartphones before. The metal case is gorgeous and the design is so sleek that it’s not easy to put into words.
The HTC One has the best design and body of them all. I was told that it takes several hours for each body to be cut out of a metal block by a computer controlled diamond cutter.

It’s huge compared to the size of my “classic” HTC Desire, but it feels great in the palm of my hand. It has an amazing premium look and just feels right. It doesn’t feel like cold metal and it’s less slippery than other phones I own. It’s just amazing!

HTC One - Design

HTC One – Design

Read more about the HTC One design and all-metal design in the links below.

Web links:


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My HTC One – Day 5 – Battery life

May 25th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

It’s Saturday and day 5 of my HTC One Diary.

Saturday is usually the day when I go buying groceries for the coming week, enjoy walking and a hour of playing Ingress.

HTC One - battery life

HTC One – battery life

During this 3 hour “run” I listen to music on Spotify via my bluetooth stereo headset.

To say it with technical terms: GPS and Bluetooth is continuously enabled, higher 3G data usage and longer screen-on time. All this usually consumes a lot of battery.

With my previous smartphones the battery was pretty much always down to 20% after 3 hours. With the HTC One on the other hand, I still have about 60-70% when I completed this “run”.

On an average week day (Monday to Friday), I usually use less GPS, but I have a higher refresh intervals for both emails and Blinkfeed.

I don’t understand why people don’t want to buy the HTC One, just because it has no exchangeable battery.
Have a look at the screenshot. After a usual week day I still have 71% battery left. My HTC One has an amazing battery life!

My usage profile:

  • Two email inboxes refresh every 30 minutes
  • Gmail live push
  • Weather refreshes every 60 minutes
  • Moderate social apps usage (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Blinkfeed refreshes several times a day


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My HTC One – Day 4 – Ultrapixel Camera

May 24th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

It’s day 4 of my HTC One diary. It’s time to test the HTC One Ultrapixel camera and its low light capabilities.

As you may know, HTC decided to put a 4 megapixels sensor into the HTC One, while most competitors continued on the old fashion way of putting even higher megapixels into their latest models. 8 and 13 megapixels are “common”.

But there’s an advantage of less megapixels while keeping the sensor size or making it even bigger. It means the pixels on the sensor are bigger, which theoretically results in much better photos under low light conditions. E.g. in restaurants, at night, bars, …. You get it.

Here are some examples I took. They are amazing! Keep in mind these have been taken with a smartphone camera.


HTC One, a set on Flickr.

I think this is a brilliant example of the HTC One’s camera quality.


Web links:

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My HTC One – Day 3 – Blinkfeed

May 23rd, 2013 Keine Kommentare

Today I decided to setup HTC Blinkfeed.

I added my Twitter and more news topics to my already setup accounts (Facebook/Flickr).

HTC One - Blinkfeed

HTC One – Blinkfeed


HTC Blinkfeed is an amazing new feature, currently exclusive to the HTC One.

It replaces the standard home screen with a scrollable stream of information. HTC Blinkfeed merges recent news, latest posts from social media websites (Facebook, Twitter,…) with pictures from Flickr and calendar events.

I configured it to only update when connected to a WiFi or whenever I want to refresh it manually. I changed it to my second home screen, which means it’s only a swipe to the left away.

By the way. HTC Blinkfeed also displays upcoming TV shows, after you configured the TV feature in your HTC One.




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My HTC One – Day 2

May 22nd, 2013 Keine Kommentare

The morning after I received my HTC One. I entered the elevator in our office building. First thing that happened:

9 am

Hey, is that an HTC One?
Me: Yes
Do you like it?
Me: Absolutely. It’s amazing!
And the gap problem. I haven’t seen any gap on your HTC One.
Me: I heard they fixed it and only a small percentage was affected early after the release.
Hey thanks. I will buy it.

Great way to start the morning and makes me smile. πŸ˜‰

Lunch break

We had pasta together in our cafeteria. One of my colleagues grabbed my HTC One from the table. A few moments later: “Oh I believe I just took 20 photos of you.” πŸ˜‰
Another colleague wanted to see (hear) the HTC Boomsound feature. It’s an amazing feature, but the atmosphere in our cafeteria was a bit too noisy.
I showed it later to another colleague on the way back to our office.


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My HTC One has arrived

May 21st, 2013 Keine Kommentare

Today has been a super exciting day for me. I received a special package delivered by UPS this morning.

I received an HTC One, accessories and some awesome goodies. Have a look:


Because the HTC One is such an amazing phone with some really unique features, I will post a few articles about it in the coming weeks.


Web links:

Official product page

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Hands-on with the HTC One – HTC Event

February 25th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

So, here is the brand new HTC One. Today, I’ve got the opportunity to get hands-on the latest flagship by HTC. They invited me and a bunch of press people to a special event at the BMW World museum/event area in Munich, Germany.


HTC One Silver

HTC One Silver

HTC starts a new era in smartphone body design with the HTC One. HTC calls it the first full-metal smartphone with an aluminium unibody.

It has an amazing grip and feels like a premium smartphone in your hand. Only the silver version was presented tonight. HTC will also offer an black version of the HTC One.

Integrated into the body is a stunning 4.7″ inches full HD display with 468 ppi.


In this area HTC also begins a revolution. Instead following the other companies who are pushing the megapixels to 13 MP, HTC decided to reduce the camera resolution to 4 Megapixels.
“What?!” you may think. But HTC also increased the sensor size and added so-called “ultra pixels”. According to HTC the new camera captures 300% more light than the camera of their competitors.
In theory, this should result in higher image quality, more dynamic range and less image noise. The camera also has autofocus, LED flash, smile and face detection, geotagging, f/2.0 lens, optical image stabilization, ImageChip 2 for HDR and 1080p video capture @30fps with stereo sound and video stabilization. I took a few snapshots during the event, and indeed the pictures have less noise than my other smartphones.

HTC event - Munich, 25th Feb. 2013

HTC event – Munich, 25th Feb. 2013


When you see the new HTC gallery app you will think: This is like the news papers from Harry Potter. HTC added a new camera mode called “HTC Zoe” to their camera.

When shooting in Zoe mode the camera will not only take one photo, but a series of photos and a video at the same time. Your phone will use this photos to make your gallery come alive. You can also edit these automatically created video clips before sharing them on Facebook or with HTC zoe share.


Even the home screen gets an amazing upgrade. HTC blinkFeed aggregates all your scial network, calendar evens and news sources right on your homescreen. When you unlock your HTC One, it automaticlly updates you with the latest news, social media updates and upcoming appointments from your calendar. HTC has partnered with more than 1500 content providers so far.

Sense TV

Thanks to HTC Sense TV you’ll only need one device for all your home entertainment equipment. Sense TV allows you to control all devices thanks to the integrated IR sender. A touch on the movie cover of the integrated EPG and your TV and home theater system will turn on and switch to the right channel.

Connectivity / Travellers

As a traveller, it is important to me, that my smartphone works globally. The good news is the European variant has WCDMA/HSPA (3G) support for 900, 1900, 2100 Mhz. This means, 3G works in Europe, Asia and Australia. Also the HTC One supports LTE bands 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz. This means the HTC One (EU edition) works on LTE networks in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia.

The following networks should be supported specs-wise by the European version of the HTC One.


  • Optus – 3G (900/2100)
  • Vodafone – 3G (900/2100)

New Zealand:

  • Vodafone – 3G (2100/900)


  • Singtel – 3G/LTE (2100/1800/2600)
  • M1 – 3G/LTE (2100/1800/2600)
  • StarHub – 3G (2100/1800)

Click here for more details and countries (look for 800/1800/2600)


HTC’s latest flagship has it all. Okay, mostly. It has a huge 4.7″ full HD display with 468ppi, an amazing UltraPixels camera, Quad-core processor, 32 GB internal storage, tri band HSPA, tri-band LTE and an amazing aluminium unibody. What else can you ask for? I will do a more detailed review of the camera as soon I receive the package from Amazon.

Web links:

Product details

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