Insider-Tip: Putty private key in Android ConnectBot

April 23rd, 2012 Keine Kommentare

For business reasons I often have to access our servers via SSH – even when on the road / in the sky

There’s a pretty good SSH client for Android, known as “ConnectBot” (free). This client does not support private key files, that are created with PuttyGen.
But there’s a solution for this.

To connect ConnectBot to SSH-Server, that require private key authentification, convert the private key file to an OpenSSH Key.
PuttyGen can do this for you!

This is the way:


  1. Load private key file via[File] -> [Load Private Key] (*.ppk)
  2. Enter passphrase, if required
  3. Click [Conversions] -> [Export OpenSSH key] and save the file



On your Android Phone or Tablet, you have to do the following steps in ConnectBot:

  1. Open menu and select entry [Manage Pubkeys]
  2. Select menu entry [Import]
  3. Load the just created OpenSSH key file from the sd card or internal memory
  4. Click on the lock icon to unlock the key
  5. Enter your password, if required

Now you’re able to connect to SSH-servers, that require private/public key based login.


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