My HTC One – Day 20 – Sense TV

June 9th, 2013 Keine Kommentare

As one of the first, HTC reintroduced the IR blaster in phones in 2013. The HTC One features an hidden IR blaster behind the power button.

In combination with HTC Sense TV this gives you the opportunity to control your TV and Home theater system with your smartphone.

Sense TV features an EPG with photos of upcoming shows and movies for your personal channel listing. There’s one thing I don’t like about it, at the time of writing it is not possible to configure your channel listing manually. You have to use a preset. According to some blogs, this will change with the upcoming update to Android 4.2.2. You can add your favourite TV shows to a reminder list and both the calendar and HTC Blinkfeed will remind you when the program begins.

Why the IR blaster a very humorous feature is, can be seen in the video below. It was made by an HTC One owner in Malaysia:


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